Enjoy & Express

This page is for having fun.

God is our Father, our Daddy. Daddy loves to play with His kids. This page will be filled with songs, musings, poetry, pictures, etc, that will make you happy and help you connect with God.

PLEASE join the conversation. What speaks to you? How do you feel God, love Him and enjoy Him? Comment! Post songs, responses to how the things posted here affect you, and whatever else tangibly connects you to Truth beyond yourself. 🙂

Let’s begin, shall we? This is a song about the kingdom of heaven to come. It’s just fun. By a band called Pas Neos. Enjoy!

Here’s another song I really like. This is Josh Garrels. Great artist. Listen to it once through, then look up the lyrics. It’s a beautiful song both lyrically and vocally. He is so honest about his questions, and he offers consolation in the face of difficulty. You can even get some of his albums for free on his site .

This video has caused quite a stir. It is not bad, not my favorite either. However, it is a topic of great conversation right now, and it is making people think. It’s worth it to join the conversation. Enjoy!

Ok. This video is just spectacular. God is found in joy, and in thankfulness. Enjoying the things you have been given. Trust me, this girl knows how to enjoy her life.

Over the past few years, I have began building a few playlists on Spotify to capture parts of my story; things that speak to me when it comes to spirituality and the human experience. My favorite, which I would like to share with you here, is called The Redemption Story. I add songs to it that I feel capture something about the story of redemption in a particularly powerful way. It isn’t in a well established order, and it’s always growing as I find new songs that capture something I want to add. Spotify will be one of your easiest ways to keep in touch with new music I’d like to share. Feel free to follow whatever you like!

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