The Skin of Christ

As the soldiers stretched me over the splintered cross, I looked left and saw my arm, with white skin. They placed a large nail that looked like a railroad spike onto my wrist, then raised a hammer. I felt searing electric pain shoot through my wrist as the POUND…POUND…POUND of the hammer drove the spike … More The Skin of Christ

Would You Die For What You Believe? (Let’s Hope Not…)

Cassie The cold metal of the gun pressed against the side of her head as she heard the shooter say “Do you believe in God?” “Please don’t shoot me, I don’t know I just- oh shit please no I-” CLACK  **** These words screamed into my consciousness and split me open inside like an ax splitting … More Would You Die For What You Believe? (Let’s Hope Not…)

The Nashville Statement, CPR, and You

In light of the extreme suffering from Hurricane Harvey, claims that the hurricane was somehow God’s punishment for Homosexuality, white supremacists marching, and millions of Christians frantically trying to say “that’s not what we believe!” a conservative group calling themselves a “coalition for biblical sexuality” has released The Nashville Statement. There couldn’t have been a … More The Nashville Statement, CPR, and You