I’m not a blogger

For at least 5 years people have been telling me to start a blog. In the last two the voices screaming it have gotten louder. I’ve always said I’m not a blogger, and I’ve resisted until now. I’ m not sure how much of this is a result of positive peer pressure and how much of it is my own doing, but I’m ready, and it’s time. I’m not sure why it’s time, but I’m confident it is. Maybe it’s my random facebook notes about how movies like the Green Lantern reveal the deeper truths of what it means to live out the Christian life. Maybe it’s because I don’t hear anyone else in the world saying what I’m saying. Maybe it’s because God is telling me too, and He’s just being too subtle right now for me to know for sure. Maybe. Or it could be all of these and then some. In the words of Mordecai, “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this”. Perhaps.

Perhaps this blog will change the world. Perhaps a movement starts with just one post, one man, in one place, with Truth. I’m sick of people holding posters and writing blogs and songs about “the truth” without really living it. Truth isn’t a message, it’s a Man. And Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s a relationship. If we would stop saying that cliche phrase and actually start living it, we would start a revolution. That is exactly what I’m doing in my life, and that’s exactly what I plan to do with this blog. It will be messy, I’ll be wrong sometimes, I’ll fail and I’ll even change my mind, but it will be true. If it’s Relationship, it won’t be neat, but it will be real. So what I’m really saying is that this blog is an invitation. You, the reader, are cordially invited into my thoughts, emotions, spirituality, and relationship with God and people. You are invited to discover Him with me, and to experiment with this divine friendship called Salvation. If you are an athiest, a buddhist, mormon, or satanist, you are invited too. You may not know my God, but I do, and I’d love for you to enjoy Him right along with me. He’s pretty spectacular, and I promise you You’ll have fun too. Hopefully, whoever you may be, this blog will sometimes offend you. I hope it will challenge you, and shatter as many of your preconceived ideas and perceptions as is humanly possible. I hope you come away from every reading a little less sure of what you have always known, and a little more you than you’ve ever been. But most of all, I hope you get closer to Jesus. Trite as it may sound, He is truly where all good comes from, and He desperately wants to be known by you.

This blog will cover books, movies, theology, psychology, relationships, sex (definitely this one. This one’s a good one), God, music, and God knows what else (but don’t worry, I’m sure He’ll tell me eventually). I can’t promise you’ll like or agree with everything (I really hope you don’t), but I can promise that if you think about what I’m saying, and you challenge me back, neither of us will be bored. I look forward to entering into the conversation with you. I look forward to your acceptance of my invitation.


P.S.- My next entry can be found on my friend David’s blog. Feel free to give it a visit!

2 thoughts on “I’m not a blogger

  1. Karsten! I can’t wait to read more of your thoughts and be challenged by your perspectives! Thank you for being bold in your approach to faith. I accept your invitation.

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