Finally, an Honest Church


(Heads up! This is one my older posts. It might not reflect where I’m at today, but I feel its worth keeping up for whatever truth it contains, and as a way of showing that we are always in process, and that life is always a journey. Enjoy!)

I saw this video, and I couldn’t help but post it.

I’m a bit ashamed to say that much of what this song says has been true in my own life. I don’t have a lot to say about it, because it would probably just turn into “blogging”. However, it’s worth it to point out not only the content –how me-centered our worship can be– but also the fact that this video exists. Personally, I’m tired of Christians pretending we have it all together. It is so refreshing to see an honest video. Yea, we look to ourselves more than we should. Yea, we think about how we look and what others think instead of what God thinks. Yea, we get caught up in the music and ignore the message. Atheists have been telling us that for years, and for years we’ve acted like it wasn’t true. It isn’t always true, but sometimes…it is true. For some of us, it’s usually true. The fact that this video exists shows a movement towards God in the church, not just an exposing of the flaws of Christians. The fact that the church is talking about its weaknesses, being honest and vulnerable with itself and the world, is the first step toward authentic and healthy spirituality. To be like Christ is to be honest and raw. I can’t pretend to have it all together, because only Jesus is all together. I’m growing, and I’m becoming more like Him (most days), and to admit that I’m not there is to give Him more glory, not less. The world needs to see that our failures really are there, and they really are US, not HIM. The world blames Jesus for our failures because by acting like we are perfect or “good Christians”, we are actually telling them to blame it on Him. We are screaming “Look at ME! I’m a judgemental hypocrite who is afraid to be honest and is still filled with pain and anger in my heart but feels that I’m not allowed to be so I hide under the guise of religion! This is Christianity! Jesus can do this for you too!”

I’m sorry friends, but I have a confession.

I’m a bit of pharisee at times.

and maybe

so are you.

But world, atheists, agnostics, and every other “sinner” on the planet, I have something to say:

This is us. We kind of suck sometimes; but





We are sorry for letting you believe that this is what He is like, or that this is what being a Christian is about. Please forgive us.

to all my recovering pharisees:

Come out of the religious closet. The fresh air is so much better.

Until next time my friends.

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