Welcome Back


I’m re-launching my blog, because I think after 4 years I am ready. If you read my last post, and many of my previous posts before that, you will discover a very different place in my story. Some of it I wholeheartedly still stand behind. Some things, I will be editing in the upcoming weeks to refine while still keeping in line with my original ideas. Others may be so different from my current ideas that I will simply leave them as they are, to stand as a marker for a different part of my story. We all grow in our understanding, and I’m not ashamed of where I’ve been, so my old content stays.

That being said, I have updated the name of my blog, and even the domain name, to reflect what I’m striving to create here. This is more than some crusade to change the world. That’s pretty damn narcissistic of me anyway. My goal here more than anything else is to lead us towards real hope.

So much of what I’ve seen in the church, the media, the world and my peer’s advice turns out to be hope that just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. It bends and breaks under the weight of the storms of life. In my journey, I’ve torn into theology, religion, and even the underlying ideas that hold the Christian faith together. Much of it bent, some of it broke, and now I’ve reached a point where I think I can see the difference. So with renewed commitment, I promise to you to never bring you bullsh*t. I won’t give you empty platitudes or half baked answers that don’t help. This blog is here to offer harsh reality, and real hope.

Because only if we face what is true, can we ever begin to build real hope.

So loved ones, welcome back. Let’s dig in to something real.

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