Yes, God Wants You to be Happy.


I’ve written on this topic a long time ago in my post Happiness is the Point, which you are welcome to dive into, but my friend Alice Mills over at poemachonicles has written recently on this topic, and her work is incredible. If you have not yet discovered her, now is the time. Click on her post below, then come back to here and tell me what you think in the comments. This woman is absolutely bringing real hope to the world, which is what we are about here. Prepare to have your world rocked….


Think God doesn’t care if you are happy? Think joy is not one of His key priorities? It is time to reconsider your position.

“One of the most pernicious lies in the Christian community comes in the oft repeated aphorism, “God cares more about your character than your happiness”. Added onto this particular gem is the assertion that as Christians, we are commanded to feel joy even when we are not happy. Next comes a tortured attempt at defining joy apart from happiness. Joy is apparently an emotion located in our spirit while happiness is shallow and only for those weak enough to seek the gratification of the flesh.  Joy is lasting, while happiness is fleeting. To all these things, I say, “Bosh”…. (click below to continue)

Source: Yes, God Wants You to be Happy. (Continue reading here…)

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