The Satisfied Life

How often are we actually present? I mean, really present. We are so consumed with the past, the future, what we just said, how they’ll react, what we are going to say next, if we look good in what we’re wearing, and 1,000 other things that keep us from ever actually feeling the life we … More The Satisfied Life

Question Everything

Maybe it’s always been like this. Maybe it’s a conspiracy that keeps the rich and powerful religious leaders in their high places. Maybe we are just following what we’re told, the mantras passed on to us from Christians before us. But whatever it is,┬áthere is a serious problem. No one asks questions. Worse than that, … More Question Everything

Real Steel Revolution

Dispite what many, including myself, expected from the new movie “Real Steel”, I have to say it is quite amazing. I expected to go in and get some corny version of live action Rock’em Sock’em Robots. Instead I got a bit of Rocky meets I-Robot meets inspirational Father-son movie. I could give you a review … More Real Steel Revolution